Whale Watching in Cape Town - Interact with Southern Right Whales and more

Every year between June and November, the Southern Right whales visit the coast of the Western Cape. They come to breed and enjoy the warmer waters away from the Southern Ocean. They treat locals and visitors to Cape Town a display of breaching, fluking, spouting, and spy hopping.  Interacting with these gigantic and magnificent mammals (the size of 12 elephants) alongside one of the whale watching boats is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What can you expect to see:

Southern right whales are the most common of the whale species seen in the waters around the Cape. You might also be fortunate to humpback whales and Bryde's Whales. You can might also see Cape Fur Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins and marine birdlife including penguins.

Where are the best whale watching areas?

  • FalseBay, Simons Town
  • Walker Bay, Hermanus
  • Cape Augulhas
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