Sanbona – Dwyka Tented Lodge

Dwyke Tented Lodge - Sanbona
From ZAR
R5 828,00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Western Cape

SANBONA – The Western Cape’s Premier Wildlife Destination

Seated at the foot of the Warmwaterberg Mountain Range in the heart of South Africa’s Little Karoo, Sanbona pays tribute to the San people who made this arid environment their home for centuries. Sanbona has an alluring atmosphere of stillness, an air of isolation amid the raw beauty and boundless plains.
Sanbona and the spirit of the San people welcome you.

Guest Activities

Game Drives:

Interactive game drives, lasting up to 3 hours, take place in the tranquil moods of sunrise and sunset. You are guided by your game ranger in an open game viewing vehicle and you are asked to share any particular interests with your ranger who will try to incorporate these into your game drive. On game drives, guests will enjoy a sundowner drink at sunset and coffee/tea at sunrise. No persons under the age of 4 years are permitted to
join game drives.

Guided Nature: Walks

Qualified walking guides provide the opportunity for guests to experience the excitement of tracking, bird, insect, plant and animal dropping identification. No persons under the age of 16 years are permitted to join the nature walks. Kindly ensure to request this activity at the time of booking accommodation as nature walks are subject to the availability of qualified guides.

Relaxation Retreats:

Various treatments can be enjoyed at our Relaxation Retreat which is situated Dwyka Tented Lodge. Treatments can be booked prior to arrival with reservations. Kindly visit our website for the latest list of treatments available.

Stargazing & Story Telling:

With the absence of artificial light, the stargazing at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is phenomenal and amongst the best in Southern Africa. Interpretations about the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere are given by knowledgeable guides. Romantic stories of gods and goddesses banished to the heavens are woven into astronomical facts and unfold before your eyes. Discover the ancient myths of the stories told by the San about their visions of the stars.

Visit Rock Art Sites:

Rock art sites date back to more than 3500 years and depict the spiritual beliefs and lives of the San Bushmen and KhoiKhoi people of Southern Africa. The San Bushmen referred to themselves as the “first people”, and lived an aboriginal lifestyle as hunter-gatherers throughout Southern Africa. The KhoiKhoi or “men of men” were nomadic pastoralists that utilized vast areas of the present Western Cape to graze their herds of cattle and sheep. The legacy of both people and especially the spiritual experiences of the San with their God “Kaggen” are portrayed
in the caves and on the rock faces of Sanbona and provide a glimpse into the lives of Africa’s original people. Kindly ensure to request this activity at the time of booking accommodation.

Rock Formations and Features:

The geology of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve consists of sedimentary sandstones, mudstones and siltstones from the Devonian era. This period was the beginning of life on earth and trace fossils of various marine invertebrates have been found. Qualified rangers offer a fascinating insight into the secrets that the rocks unfold, bearing stories of the distant past of the land that time has since forgotten. Rocks progressively eroded and weathered to become
the life-bearing soil of the Klein Karoo. Kindly ensure to request this activity at the time of booking accommodation.

What To Pack

  • Sunblock
  • Hat/cap
  • Walking boots
  • Comfortable and casual clothing
  • Warm tops for game drives
  • Camera (300 – 600mm lenses for good photographs)
  • Medication for allergies
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