Cape Town

Smileing Woman on Table Mountain

Nature is the best gym

It might be obvious that a good hike through a mountain or forest or up the mountain trails could cleanse your body, mind or soul, it is the new research from science that suggests it might change your brain and … Read More

Hiking Table Mountain

Private Tours in a Covid-19 Age

With our second lock down taking place in South Africa, we have been reflecting on the change in travel across the world. It appears that guests are looking for more intimate and private excursions as our ancestors did. Our friend … Read More

Cape Town boats, fish and wine

Cape Town is a world renown city. It’s known for its beauty, people and the iconic Table Mountain.  In these times you need a destination that can be all things. Many people go on a prague boat tour but nothing … Read More

Telegraph Travel Awards: Cape Town is the greatest tourist city on Earth

The UK’s Telegraph Travel surveyed 39 000 people – Cape Town came out tops. Again. For the seventh year in a row. … Read More